Blue Tansy + Hibiscus REGENERATE Mask
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Blue Tansy + Hibiscus REGENERATE Mask

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Two words: Nature’s Botox. This mask is Moroccan Lava Clay based making it perfect for those with normal and combination skin types. The beneficial properties of Moroccan lava clay, hibiscus, and blue tansy provide a natural way to refresh, hydrate, and reduce signs of aging on your skin.



+ Moroccan Lava Clay: Quenches dehydrated skin, reduces the size of pores, builds and strengthens the elasticity in the skin, cleanses gently

+ Hibiscus Powder: “Nature’s Botox,” supports collagen production, slows down collagen degradation, preserves elasticity, eases inflammation, exfoliates and brightens the skin, firms loose skin

+ Neem Powder: Packed with Antioxidants, reduces melanin production, evens skin tone, reduces blemish and scarring

+ Jojoba Oil: Acts as a carrier oil for Blue Tansy, natural antibacterial properties, controls sebum production, moisturizes

+ Essential Oils of Blue Tansy: Produces a healthy glow, relieves delicate or troubled skin, clears congested pores, kills off harmful bacteria, reduces redness

+ Rose Hydrosol: Soothes skin irritation, reduces redness, enriched with antioxidants, anti-aging properties, combats acne and excess oil, hydrates the skin


This mask contains 2oz of product and will provide 8-12 masks depending on usage. This mask includes a bamboo spoon perfect for portioning each mask.